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Constantinos Costa
Visiting Research Assistant Professor

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Constantinos Costa

Visiting Research Assistant Professor

We live in the big data era where heterogeneous data is generated and collected at an exponential rate. We need to be able to process, analyze and extract information from data in order to exploit all the opportunities to protect and improve all aspects of human life. Big data bring many new challenges for technology, innovation and industry.
My research, in particular, focuses on Spatial Big Data (SBD), which requires specific ways to be processed and analyzed (e.g., for infrastructure health and security monitoring, or for risk monitoring and contact tracing). This data is geo-tagged, whether generated from mobile devices or social networks, and introduces new spatio-temporal challenges. More specifically, my interests revolve around SBD architectures, and my research can be articulated into three main pillars: Data Storage, Spatio-temporal Processing, and Context-Aware and Location-based Applications.

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